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Services offered here include DiamondTome Microdermabrasion, Tixel/TMA, Microneedling, LED Light Therapy, Chemical Peel/NonChemical Peel, Electrolysis, and Treatment Facials. Rosacea, Acne, Cellulite Reduction, Pigmentation Correction, and Anti Aging are addressed and treated here. These services will give you noticeable improvement after one treatment, but a series may be recommended to treat each unique skin condition.

Rhonda Devlin - Paramedical Esthetician - Working closely with Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons has given me the benefits of keeping up on the latest technology and chemistry related to the most common concerns of the skin.  I received my esthetics  education in Denver, Colorado in 2006, and also hold my license there for continued educational purposes.  I have been licensed in Washington State since 2008.

​Bring in the products you are currently using and let's evaluate the ingredients and see what is, or is not working for your skin. I will take time to teach you proper ways to care for your skin, discuss active ingredients with you and explain what they do and why they are effective. Together we can discuss a skin care regimen for you that works with your lifestyle and provides positive results.

My goal is to get every client on an affordable skin care regimen of Medical Grade Products, and give them the most up to date, results oriented procedures available to improve and maintain skin health. My regular clients tell me total strangers compliment them on their skin, which I take as a great testimonial to my work. If you have struggled with a skin condition, like acne most of your life, dry/dehydrated skin, or been told you have rosacea, I can help you. I will give you the options of how to get rid of sunspots, melasma, or hyperpigmentation without laser!  Come see how one of my resurfacing treatments, or a home regimen can get you the results you want.  

I always offer Free Consultations to get to know you, and talk about what you would like to improve about your skin.  Any questions you have about the options given to you will be answered.

Looking forward to meeting you.    Rhonda Devlin

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