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Chemical and Non-Chemical Peels
These procedures are designed to improve the health and appearance of your  skin.  Skin Peels can assist in repairing rough, dry, and sun damaged skin. Down-time is minimal, but the results are dramatic and noticeable!

($60  - $120) Discount given on Series of 4 or more

Benefits of Skin Peels
Chemical and Non-Chemical skin peels promote new skin cell regeneration and stimulate collagen and elastin formation. Skin Peels can improve these specific skin conditions:

Reduce uneven skin tones such as hyper-pigmentation, age spots, sun damaged skin, and acne scarring 
Control excessive skin oils and breakouts
Remove blackheads and whiteheads
Improve the appearance of enlarged pores
Diminish fine lines and help soften wrinkles
Increase blood circulation
Strengthen the skin
Rejuvenate overall skin health

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Chemical or Non-Chemical Skin Peel Procedure involve?
You will fill out a brief medical history, which a Paramedical Esthetician evaluates
The skin is cleansed to remove make-up and debris
An enzyme or degreaser is applied to prepare the skin for the peel
The peel solution is applied to the skin
After the procedure, a post treatment may be prescribed and sunscreen is applied to skin.

What is a Chemical/Non-Chemical Skin Treatment?
A Chemical or Non-Chemical Skin Treatment is a non-invasive epidermal exfoliation treatment. Skin peels are designed to improve the appearance of the skin, allowing a fresher and healthier skin to regenerate.

How does a Chemical or Non-Chemical Skin Peel work?
A Chemical or Non-Chemical Peel solution is applied to the skin, causing the top most outer layers to exfoliate.  This exfoliation allows the healthier, more vibrant skin to regenerate.

How will my skin look after the Chemical or Non-Chemical Skin Peel?
The skin may be pink to red, depending on your tolerance and the Chemical Skin Peel performed. Any redness usually subsides within 2 to 48 hours.  Slight peeling will begin around the 3rd day and will continue for approximately 5 to 7 days.

How many treatments will I need?
The condition of your skin and your desired goals factor into the number of treatments necessary. Free consultations are provided to estimate the number of treatments.

Are Chemical Skin Peels Painful?
The skin may feel sensitive for approximately 24 hours. The 2nd and 3rd day the skin will feel tight and dry.

The following are a few of the medical grade peels which  include a COMPLIMENTARY POST TREATMENT KIT. 

4 Layer Signature Facelift
This revolutionary 4 layer re-surfacing treatment will change the Image of your. Vitamin C, Glycolic acid and highly active enzymes speed up the cellular recovery process. Brighten, tighten and lighten. $70

Wrinkle Lift Treatment
This ultra resurfacing blend of glycolic and retinol thoroughly exfoliates dead surface skin leaving the skin firmer and healthier. New cells will form to create new collagen and younger skin! $60

Lightening Lift
This mega lightening lift uses a cocktail of lightening and brightening agents to reduce sun spots, brown spots and redness caused by rosacea. $65

Acne Lift
A beta hydroxy resurfacing treatment to reduce acne and smooth the skin. In just a few treatments, you'll see remarkable results and a huge reduction of oil.  Salacylic acts as a heat missile zeroing in on excess oil and bacteria. $70

Jesner lite
A professional medical grade peel dramatically promotes cell renewal, resulting in smoother, tighter skin.  It reduces surface bacteria, resulting in fewer acne breakouts, brightens the skin, will reduce acne scaring and lightens hyperpigmentation. $120

Interested in learning more?

 TIXEL - Thermo-mechanicalablation
What is Tixel Skin Resurfacing?

Tixel is an innovative skin resurfacing technology which works with a new method of thermal-mechanical ablative (TMA) technology. Tixel simply produces desirable results on the skin surface by the direct use of heat. Tixel is not laser, ultrasound or radiofrequency (RF) and it is believed to be superior to other methods of skin resurfacing currently available on the market. It is new to the US, but has been a top procedure in the UK for the past several years!

Tixel is suitable for treating fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, age spots, active acne, acne scars pore size, lip lines, forehead lines, crepey skin on the eyelids, crow's feet and neck folds among others. Body parts such as abdomen, knees and arms also get great results.

Tixel is ale to resurface the skin by both ablative and non-ablative options of treatment. The versatility of Tixel allows treatment to be tailored to each customer's individual needs.

If you want naturally lifted eyelids as well as bigger and brighter eyes, and if you have wrinkles and crows feet that pop up as a result of aging, it’s time to try TMA EYELIFTING®!
$250/1 Treatment 2 eyes 
$600/3 Treatments

Hands not only are susceptible to the first signs of aging, but very often age faster than the face. That’s because the skin on the back of the hand is much thinner than that on your face. Say goodbye to Crepey skin

Hand rejuvenation- $150/1 treatment $400/3 treatments
Additional treated areas:
Elbow/upper arm - $200/1 treatment $550/3 treatments
Knees- $150/1 treatment $400/3 treatments
Decoletage- $150/1 treatment $400/3 treatments

The NECK is not lying. The sagging and the formation of wrinkles on the neck reveal the age. Get rid of Tech-neck, horizontal lines and crepey skin

Neck rejuvenation - $250/1 treatment $600/3 treatments
Add on Decoletage- $50/1 treatment $150/3 treatments

Pigmentation and Scar treatments:
Acne scars $400/1 treatment $750/2 treatments
Pigmentation correction - $400/1 treatment 3/$1050

COMING SOON!!! DRY EYE TREATMENT – TMA increases collagen, lubrication and reduces tear evaporation

​One of the most common things I hear from women who are seeking a more refreshed look is “how do I get rid of my lip lines”? Lip lines around the mouth are a result of Sun damage, Repeated muscular contraction, and Volume loss. TMA encourages collagen remodeling with new, smooth healthy skin around your mouth. A series of treatments are needed. What is really awesome about Tixel is its versatility: I can control the Tixel to balance results with downtime. 

Lower face rejuvenation – lip lines, marionette lines, jowls $250/1 treatment  
  $700/3 treatments
Upper face rejuvenation – crows feet, forehead lines, eyes $250/1 treatment
  $700/3 treatments

Collagen Induction Therapy
Microoneedling, also known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), uses the skin’s ability to heal itself by puncturing the dermis of the skin with a microscopic needle, triggering the production of new collagen.

The use of hyaluronic acid during microneedling can help to restore volume to drooping skin and address minor skin imperfections that can make a person look older. Additionally, this procedure may diminish the appearance of scars, fine lines, and wrinkles by smoothing out the skin. Since your body makes less of hyaluronic acid as you get older, adding this topical to your microneedling treatment increases hydration to absorb into the skin, and increases the skin’s ability to utilize these nutrients, leading to plump, smooth, and youthful skin results. 
$90/1 Treatment - 

Human Growth Factors:
After being sourced from the living bone marrow samples, the mesenchymal stem cells are cultivated in a laboratory setting before the cytokines are harvested as an extract with the remaining cell waste discarded. The ultrafiltered extract is fortified with two growth factor actives, plus antioxidants and skin-supporting proteins, to create a biogenic skincare concentrate.
$150/1 Treatment

Microneedling with PRP (Vampire Facial) 
When Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is partnered with microneedling, it produces absolutely phenomenal results. This treatment starts with drawing a blood sample. This sample is then placed into a centrifuge that will spin and separate the plasma from the blood cells. The plasma contains high concentrations of stem cells, platelets and growth factors that help to stimulate collagen and elastin production.
$350/1 Treatment

What to Know Before Your Treatment:
• CIT targets facial aging such as loss of volume and sagging jowls, and is used to treat and firm sagging skin in the neck and décolletage.
• CIT is also used in the eye area to target hollowness, puffiness and dark circles.
A series of 3-6 treatments, spaced 4-6 weeks apart is recommended for best results